Graduate degree from the University of Chicago

Often we develop patterns that prevent us from leading a balanced and satisfying life. We may have trouble with personal or work relationships. We may feel depressed, anxious, sad, or empty. We may suffer from fatigue or just the opposite, and find ourselves overworked and stressed, racing from activity to activity, unable to calm down.

I work with those who find themselves in situations like these. I view therapy as a collaborative process, which means that together my patients and I explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences that have led them to develop life patterns that hold them back. I help them gain insight and discover the strength with which they can build more satisfying relationships and reclaim a more meaningful life.

While women are more likely to seek help, men experience the same benefits of therapy as women. I have had tremendous success working with men, and in the future hope to see an increase in the number of men willing to seek help in order to improve their lives.

  Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders, Emotional Over Eating, Depression, Stress Management, Relationship Concerns, Life Transitions, College and Work Issues